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The Dutch Foundation for Auditing Research (FAR), announced earlier as ‘Accountancy Lab’, is launched in Amsterdam on October 20, 2015. The audit profession is undergoing significant changes in respect of expectations and demands. The new foundation focusses on enhancing the knowledge of what makes a good audit today and on improving audit practices sustainably. FAR pursues these objectives by conducting relevant and rigorous academic research on the drivers of audit quality, by collaboration with other research institutes internationally, and by sharing its findings through research conferences.

FAR provides for a unique collaboration between science and practice, strengthening the learning curve of the audit industry and its stakeholders, feeding accountancy education, and sustainably bolstering the accountancy research community in the Netherlands and abroad. With that, the profession fulfills its intention as laid down in recommendation 5.10 of the profession’s 2014 improvement plan in the public interest, presented by the Future Accountancy Profession Working Group.

The Foundation for Auditing Research has set its initial research agenda for the coming year(s). At the start, research will focus on the first priorities in terms of audit quality drivers relevant to the Dutch auditing practice. This agenda is subsequently worked out into the Call for Research Project Proposals tendered within the international auditing and accounting research community. By applying specific protocols and established methods geared towards working with confidential data, the affiliated audit firms and departments provide FAR access to research data including research subjects needed for the research projects defined.

Research projects should result in original research that (a) is of such quality that it can be published in the reputable international auditing and accounting journals (although relevance goes above publication value – not above rigor, (b) adds to the practical insight for sustainably strengthening auditing practices and education, and (c) is executed by the best international research teams on the specific topics, which teams should include new as well as experienced research faculty in the Netherlands. More information on Research Projects and Papers kan be found under “Research”.


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