FAR Practice Notes

FAR Practice Notes are executive summaries focused on auditing professionals, audit firm management, audit standard setters, regulators, and auditing students who wish to have a first introduction into issues of interest. Based on these Practice Notes you can also find references to the underlying research papers, in case you wish to delve deeper into the underlying research and knowledge. Access to the actual research papers depends on your firm’s or university’s library access rights (although papers may be found through scholar.google.com as well).

FAR Research Papers and Conference Proceedings

How does FAR contribute to a learning environment? Results of research projects will include research papers and one or more presentations at the (annual) FAR conference and/or masterclasses to the participating audit firms and their stakeholders. Research teams will thus communicate their findings both with their peers through academic publications and with auditors working in practice (e.g., by writing or including a survey directed to auditors in practice). On a regular basis FAR will organize different events to share the knowledge from academic research with the practice.

Research links to relevant sources

Do you know where you can find other auditing knowledge? FAR provides an overview of several external sources to broaden your horizon.


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