We are proud to announce that Flynth joined FAR as affiliated firm as of 1 January 2018. Flynth is one of the largest accountancy and advisory firms in the Netherlands, and with over 1,400 employees, provides services to medium- and small-sized companies. Marcel Blöte, director at Flynth, about FAR: “It would be a shame for both the broad auditing profession, as well as for commercial and public organizations, when scientific knowledge is exclusively attributable to one specific segment. As auditor for medium-sized and smaller organizations, we also experience the drive for quality and the necessity to make scientific knowledge applicable to ourselves, our clients and thus to society as a whole. Within the segment in which we operate, we find our own formal and cultural needs and, other than in multinationals, different aspects play a role. These needs should also be given a place in the innovative scientific research agenda of FAR, and our involvement will contribute to this goal.”

Please read the full press release here.


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