"The effect of audit culture on audit quality”

Online FAR Masterclass on 16 October 2020, 4-5.30 p.m. CET by Jasmijn Bol (Professor at Tulane University) - you can now register using this link.

What is this masterclass about? 
In business, employees are one of the most important drivers of success. Audit firms, in particular, rely greatly on employee cooperation and know-how to achieve organizational objectives. As a result, smart audit firms motivate and guide staff members to organizational goals. Without proper motivation and guidance, employees take actions that may not enhance organizational value or may even take actions that destroy value. Importantly, this does not necessarily suggest that they engage in fraud or intentional negative behavior, because value also evaporates, for example, when employees simply prioritize the wrong actions on a busy day. To mitigate these motivation and direction concerns, effective audit firms use a management control system. In this research study, the project team examines how Dutch audit firms use their management control system to motivate and direct auditors’ efforts towards audit quality. 

Registration is open until Thursday 15 October 11.00 p.m. CET using this link.

Please note that this Masterclass will be in English

Who should attend?
The FAR Masterclass is of interest to audit practitioners and firm management, auditing standard setters, audit supervisors, auditing students, auditing teachers and audit scientists. The masterclass is open to everyone working in the field of accountancy.

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Online FAR Masterclass by Prof. Jasmijn Bol on
  • Date:
    16 October 2020
  • Time:
    16:00 - 17:30
  • Location:
    Online Event - now open for registration
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About the speakers

Prof. dr. Jasmijn Bol

Prof. dr. Jasmijn Bol

Professor Jasmijn Bol teaches Accounting and Controls for Operational Risk, a master’s-level class about risk and control systems at Tulane University, Freeman School of Business, USA. Her classes go beyond lectures and textbooks, incorporating interactive pedagogy and lessons drawn from her own research.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Professor Bol has studied at universities in The Netherlands, Spain and in the U.S., and she consistently presents her research to communities across the globe. Professor Bol’s research focuses on subjectivity in compensation contracting, and she has authored and co-authored several articles that have appeared in prestigious scholarly journals. She has also earned awards for her teaching and research.