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1st Annual Report of the Foundation for Auditing Research

27 July 2017

1st Annual Report of the Foundation for Auditing Research

We proudly present you FAR’s 1st annual report with an extended financial year from 20 October 2015 till 31 December 2016. Since FAR has been founded we have been busy setting up a strong research platform for our sector. In this annual report we take you on our journey in creating a foundation for opening the “black box” of the drivers in audit quality and thus initiating new research by the collaboration between science and practice in auditing.

The annual report shows that good work takes time, but it also describes a serious mindset change in the auditing profession. The profession itself has crucial matters they want to have solved and now begin to see the relevance and importance of scientific research in audit quality. We are excited and confident that we will make significant changes in the upcoming years which will result in e.g. different publications affecting both science and practice.

Download far-jaarverslag-2015-2016-dutch-final.pdf

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