FAR Newsletter - May 2020

29 May 2020

FAR Newsletter - May 2020

Reminder: Online FAR Conference on 22 June 2020 - Academic and practitioner insights on audit quality 

As communicated to you earlier, we will host an interesting online and interactive session in the afternoon (CET) of Monday the 22nd of June 2020. 

This is what the program (1:00 – 5:30 pm CET) will look like (including opening and closing part and breaks):

  • Moving audit teams forward: designing firm environments for sustainable learning
    Wim Gijselaers, Maastricht (with Practitioner Discussant) 
  • How can audit committee support improve auditor’s applications of professional skepticism?
    Anna Gold, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
    Tammie Schaefer, University of Missouri - Kansas City (with Practitioner Discussant)
  • Going concern opinions (Keynote speaker)
    Marshall Geiger, University of Richmond (with Practitioner Discussant)
  • The auditees internal controls and financial reporting quality
    Jean Bédard, Laval Canada (with Practitioner Discussant)  
  • Economic consequences of joint audit
    Alain Schatt, University of Lausanne (with Practitioner Discussant)

Registration for the event is open on Eventbrite using this link. Registration is open until Monday 15 June 11:59 pm CET.

Reminder: Online Masterclass by Prof. dr. Eddy Cardinaels and Prof. dr. Kristoff Stouthuysen on “The impact of auditor interactions on audit quality” on 5 June 2020 

On Friday 5 June 2020 Eddy Cardinaels and Kristof Stouthuysen will host an online Masterclass from 2:00 – 3:30 pm CET about “the impact of auditor interactions on audit quality”.

You can still register through this link until Wednesday 3 June 11:00 pm CET.

FAR Literature Review & Practice Note: Audit Committee Involvement and Audit Quality by Ann Vanstraelen, Rogier Deumes, Sanne Janssen, Ganesh Krishnamoorthy, Mathijs van Peteghem, Caren Schelleman and Ulrike Thuerheimer

The audit committee is a key feature of contemporary corporate governance. Despite ever tightening regulation concerning its independence and expertise, it still is unclear why some audit committees underperform, and how this impacts the effectiveness of the external audit. The researchers argue that, next to having the appropriate skills, audit committee involvement in the audit process is crucial for its effectiveness. Communication, trust, and support between the audit committee and the external auditor, as well as the power and leadership of the audit committee are key features which may affect how the audit committee deals with disagreements between management and the auditor, and to what extent it will critically challenge both parties. However, these “soft” dimensions are understudied, and more insight is valuable for practitioners, academics, as well as regulators on what triggers audit committee involvement, and how this feeds back into the audit process. The researchers aim to demonstrate that an active, involved audit committee is able to create synergies with the external auditor, which can streamline the audit process and enhance audit quality.

To read the literature review, click here 

To read the practice note, click here.

FARview podcasts 

As you may have noticed, FAR has started a podcast series called FARview, in which scientists are interviewed about their contribution to scientific research facilitated by FAR, and other relevant topics. 

Last month we published two new podcasts (both in Dutch):

  • The first is a short interview with Christian Peters, who is investigating
    the judgment and decision-making of accountants. He discusses the social presence theory and makes the connection to working from home now we
    must deal with the current Corona measures.
  • Second, you can listen to the fourth episode of our podcast in which Prof. Philip Wallage and Prof. Jan Bouwens discuss the corona crisis, cashflow, Going Concern Opinions and the role of the accountant. This episode is also published on our website with a transcription: https://foundationforauditingresearch.org/en/news/farview-4-met-prof-dr-philip-wallage-en-prof-dr-jan-bouwens/

The podcasts can be found here:


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