FARview #7 with Dr. Justin Leiby

24 July 2020

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FARview #7 with Dr. Justin Leiby

In this 7th episode of our FARview podcast series you can listen to Dr. Justin Leiby. He is an associate professor of accountancy at the University of Illinois. His research interests have been in the area of auditing, focusing on the social aspects of auditing. You can think of social bonds, social status and empathy.

In this podcast Leiby talks about two things:
1. The empathy in auditing and the effects of expert status, and
2. About his current FAR-project (with Anna Gold and Kathryn Kadous) ‘The effects of expert status on the audit of complex estimates’.

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube or Soundcloud.

You can find a written report of the podcast here.

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