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FAR Vlog #3 with FAR Researchers Ann Vanstraelen, Kris Hardies and Sanne Janssen

13 December, 2019

On October 9 2019, Kris Hardies and Sanne Janssen presented their FAR-masterclass on professional skepticism. Prior to this masterclass, FAR interv...

FAR Vlog#2 with Anna Gold: ‘How can audit committee support improve auditor’s applications of professional skepticism?’

13 November, 2019

Anna Gold is professor of auditing at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and adjunct professor at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. In thi...

FAR Vlog #1 with FAR Researcher Katlijn Haesebrouck: 'Researching the human factor in accounting'

14 October, 2019

Katlijn Haesebrouck is an assistant professor at the Department of Accounting and Information Management at Maastricht University. In this video sh...