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2019D01 - Case study audit process and outcome quality


This case study will investigate the effect of internal and external audit quality inspection findings on the audit opinion and financial reporting quality. The objective is to understand and compare how audit quality reviews are conducted and targeted and to compare audit process quality with audit outcome quality and financial reporting quality.


The idea behind a case study is to provide an as real as possible description of an audit through which the reader can learn about the considerations made in and mechanisms underlying the oftentimes complex judgement and decision-making process. The case study itself does not come to a judgment, there is no right or wrong, rather it is a fully anonymized reflection of reality for learning purposes. 

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  • Project Number
  • Research team
    Prof. dr. Jan Bouwens
    Prof. dr. Olof Bik RA
  • Involved University
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, Nyenrode Business Universiteit
  • Timeline
    2019 - 2021