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FAR Practice Note - Is the internal value of the external audit greater for owner-managed businesses than for public interest entities? Dr. Mahmoud Gad Dr. Robin Litjens RA Prof. dr. Jeroen Suijs Details

The research study by Gad, Litjens en Suijs relates to the question of the Foundation for Auditing Research whether there exists a need for ‘different audits for different purposes’. Does the external audit of a public interest entity require a different approach than the external audit of an owner-managed business? In order to answer this question, it is appropriate to analyze the differences in value of the external audit for a public interest entity versus an owner-managed business.


Dr. Mahmoud Gad

Lecturer, Lancaster University 

Dr. Robin Litjens RA

Assistant Professor of Accounting at Tilburg University

Prof. dr. Jeroen Suijs

Professor of Financial Accounting at Erasmus University Rotterdam