The Dutch Foundation for Auditing Research (FAR) was founded in 2015 based on the vision that the audit profession is subject to changing expectations and requirements. FAR focuses on the further development of knowledge about audit and assurance quality and the continuous improvement of the audit practice through scientific research, international collaboration with other research institutes, and by sharing research results through conferences and master classes. FAR links the audit science and practice by means of collaboration. This strengthens the learning curve of the audit profession and its stakeholders, feeds audit education, and offers support to the research community in the area of auditing, both within the Netherlands and abroad. 

The FAR is an independently operating scientific research institute, committed to delivering excellent academic research, conducted by the best academics within the audit field.

The FAR is founded to academically inform the continuous development of the audit profession through academic research in collaboration with the currently 10 affiliated audit firms. The FAR is aware of its sensitive position, conducting academic research in the context of the auditing practice, in collaboration with and funded by leading auditing firms. To secure our autonomous position, FAR Board Members, Staff and Researchers adhere to the FAR Code, encompassing 3 guiding principles: 

All FAR Academic Research must be rigorous, traceable, objective and transparent. All FAR Research Projects are therefore commissioned externally to internationally and independently operating research teams. The researchers are subject to the ethical and independence principles of the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice (Version 2014). All research publications are subject to and comply with the academic journal standards, among which double blind peer review. 

The FAR publishes scientific outcomes and findings ‘as is’. FAR publications are intended to provide the audit profession with objective academic research outcomes, regardless of the impact it may have on the profession or an individual firm. The FAR intends to be the objective source of scientific accurate information to inform the professional development and public policy making with regard to audit quality. 

The FAR operates autonomously from its funding partners. The four academic board members and the independent Chair of the board hold the majority of the votes. The board members representing the funding partners hold a minority of the votes.