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The board of FAR consists of an independent chair, four independent academic board members, and board members representing the affiliated audit firms. In the event of a tie, the chair of the board shall have the casting vote (i.e., the independent chair and the independent academic board members jointly hold the majority of board votes, likewise do the independent chair and the board members representing the affiliated audit firms). 

The board consists of the following board members:

Drs. Rob Bergmans RA

Board member representing Deloitte

Prof. dr. A. de Bos RA

Board Member representing EY

Prof. dr. Jan Bouwens

Academic Board Member | Managing Director

Other current positions: Professor of Management Accounting, UvA 

Previous positions: Visiting professor, Cambridge University | Professor of Accounting, Tilburg University

Prof. dr. Willem Buijink

Academic Board Member

Drs. Marc Hogeboom RA

Board member representing KPMG

Drs. Peter Hopstaken RA

Board Member representing Mazars, Baker Tilly, BDO & Grant Thornton

Prof. Robert Knechel PhD

Academic Board Member

Prof. dr. Henriƫtte Prast

Chair of the Board

Drs. Michael de Ridder RA

Board Member representing PwC