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The Call for Research Projects 2021 has not been finalized yet. We hope to be able to publish it by late spring/early summer 2021, so please keep an eye on the website for further information.

FAR Call for Research Projects 2020

We are proud to issue FAR’s 5th Call for Research Project Proposals (2020). Based on further developments of our research agenda and strategy, we would like to invite scholars to submit a proposal for research projects that provide academics and/or practitioners insights into audit phenomena.

In this call, FAR invites scholars to submit research proposals with regards to the following two research programs:

Research Program A: Replication projects
Research Program B: Empirical Research projects

For a full overview of the agenda and the requirements to submit a research proposal, please see the following documents, or visit the website:

FAR would like to issue an addendum to the Call for Research Project Proposals 2020.

FAR invites research projects that will look into the recommendation of the ‘Monitoring Commissie (Committee) Accountancy’ (MCA) and ‘Commissie Toekomst Accountancysector’ (Committee Future Accountancy sector - CTA). During the past few weeks (in 2020) these two committees charged with studying concerns regarding audit quality in the Netherlands published their final reports. The reports are not yet available in English, but an English summary of the CTA recommendations is included in the Appendix. Links to both reports are at the bottom of this addendum.

Both reports list recommendations, often for additional regulation or regulatory changes, that the committees think will improve audit quality in the Netherlands.

This addendum reflects recommendation 3 (translated) of the CTA: 'Academics, regulators and the accountancy profession should strive for more (scientific) research into the quality of the Dutch accountancy profession, including the factors that explain differences in audit quality'. 

For the full addendum and more information, please click here.

Research groups in accounting and auditing are invited to submit a written proposal to the Scientific Committee of FAR no later than April 30th, 2020.

Please send the application form to:

>  For the attention of Prof. dr. Jan Bouwens and Prof. dr. Olof Bik RA