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FARview #26 with Christian Peters

23 December, 2022

In FARview #26, Christian Peters talks about his paper 'Auditor Automation Usage and Professional Skepticism'.

FARview #25 with Lena Pieper

11 November, 2022

In this 25th FARview podcast, PhD student Lena Pieper (Maastricht University) presents the basic ideas underlying her dissertation, which will be d...

FARview #24 with Xiaoxing Li

12 September, 2022

In episode 24 of FARview, PhD student Xiaoxing Li (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) talks about her FAR PhD-project 'False positives vs. hit rate...

FARview #23 with Sander Tiggelaar (podcast in Dutch)

6 July, 2022

In episode 23 of FARview we talk to Sander Tiggelaar (PhD student at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) on his PhD-project ‘Management control in aud...

FARview #22 with Frank Moers (podcast in Dutch)

14 June, 2022

In episode 22 of FARview we talk to Frank Moers (Professor of Management Accounting & Control, Maastricht University) on 'Tacit knowledge...

FARview #21 with Olof Bik (podcast in Dutch)

24 May, 2022

In episode 21 of FARview we talk to Olof Bik (Professor of Behavioral Auditing at Nyenrode Business University) on 'root cause analysis'.