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FARview #10 with dr. Sanne Janssen

30 October, 2020

Op vrijdag 25 september verdedigde Dr. Sanne Janssen succesvol haar proefschrift getiteld: ‘The Ins and Outs of Professional Skepticism - Insights ...

FARview #9 with Prof. Wim Gijselaers

25 September, 2020

Our guest for the ninth episode of FARview is professor Wim Gijselaers. Gijselaers is professor of educational research at the School of Business a...

FARview #8 with Prof. Marshall Geiger

28 August, 2020

In this eighth episode of FARview you can listen to Professor Marshall Geiger. He is a full Professor of Accounting and the CSX Chair in Management...

FARview #7 with Dr. Justin Leiby

24 July, 2020

In this 7th episode of our FARview podcast series you can listen to Dr. Justin Leiby. He is an associate professor of accountancy at the Univer...

FARview #6 with Prof. Ganesh Krishnamoorthy

3 July, 2020

There is a lot of variability in audit committee characteristics and their effectiveness. The overall impression is that audit committees are doing...

FARview #5 met Prof. Bart Dierynck

12 June, 2020

Een accountantskantoor kan worden beschouwd als een high reliability organisatie, net als een ziekenhuis, een vliegmaatschappij of een kerncentrale...