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FARview #23 with Sander Tiggelaar (podcast in Dutch)

6 July, 2022

In episode 23 of FARview we talk to Sander Tiggelaar (PhD student at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) on his PhD-project ‘Management control in aud...

FARview #22 with Frank Moers (podcast in Dutch)

14 June, 2022

In episode 22 of FARview we talk to Frank Moers (Professor of Management Accounting & Control, Maastricht University) on 'Tacit knowledge...

FARview #21 with Olof Bik (podcast in Dutch)

24 May, 2022

In episode 21 of FARview we talk to Olof Bik (Professor of Behavioral Auditing at Nyenrode Business University) on 'root cause analysis'.

FARview #20 with Tjibbe Bosman (podcast in Dutch)

5 April, 2022

In episode 20 of FARview we talk to Tjibbe Bosman (University of Amsterdam) about his FAR research on 'Bankruptcy and Auditor's Reporting...

FARview #19 with Jonas Vandennieuwenhuysen (podcast in Dutch)

24 December, 2021

In episode 19 of FARview we talk to Jonas Vandennieuwenhuysen (University of Antwerp) about his PhD research on FAR project 'Workload allocati...

FARview #18 with Eddy Cardinaels and Simon Dekeyser (podcast in Dutch)

26 November, 2021

In episode 18 of FARview we talk to Eddy Cardinaels (Tilburg University and KU Leuven) and Simon Dekeyser (KU Leuven) about their research project ...