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PhD Students: FAR Research Projects

Viola Darmawan

Sebastian Kuhn

2019B01: Internal control quality and audit quality

Sara Bibler

2019B02: Engaging Auditors’ Innovation Mindset to Improve Fraud Detection with Data Analytics

Cara Zhang

2019B03: The allocation of lead auditors to clients

Rosemarijn de Bruin

2021B04: Auditors aren’t cut from the same cloth

PhD Students: FAR PhD Projects

Sander Tiggelaar (University of Groningen)

2020B02: Management control in auditing firms and its implications for managing competing objectives

Iver Wiertz (Maastricht University)

2020B06: Virtual audit teamwork - Working, learning, and delivering high audit quality virtually

Xiaoxing Li (VU)

2021B01: False positives vs. hit rates: Does the framing of Data Analytic Calibration affect auditor skepticism?

PhD's: FAR Research Projects

dr. Judith Künneke

2016B01: The loss of talent - a threat for audit quality

dr. Therese Grohnert

2016B03: Moving audit teams forward: designing firm environments for sustainable learning from errors

Dr. Britt Smeets

2017B03: Auditor judgment on internal control quality and audit quality

dr. Ulrike Thürheimer

2016B04: The auditor's evaluation of misstatements: exploration, drivers, and consequences
2017B02: Audit production
2018B03: The drivers and the impact of audit committee involvement on audit quality
Find her dissertation here

dr. Sanne Janssen

2016B05: Professional skepticism profiles, effects on audit processes and outcomes, and the moderating role of audit firm culture
2018B03: The drivers and the impact of audit committee involvement on audit quality
Find her dissertation here

 Sebastian Stirnkorb

2017B04: Improving audit quality by enhancing auditor’s detection of markers of management deception

dr. James Zhang
2016B02: The effects of multi-team membership on audit quality
Find his dissertation: here

dr. Christian Peters (Tilburg University)

2020B03: Learning in audit firms: the role of experience, feedback, and audit specialists
Find his dissertation: here

dr. Lena Pieper

2019E01: What makes audit partners and their engagement teams successful?
Find her dissertation: here
2020B04: Audit Firm Culture, Audit Quality and Other Organizational Outcomes

dr. Yuxia Zou

2017C02: The (future) auditing (partner) business model

dr. Tjibbe Bosman (UvA)

2020B07: The institutional context in and conditions under which auditors deliver quality

dr. Jonas Vandennieuwenhuysen

2020B01: The Auditor selection process: From tender to relationship management