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2019B01 - Internal control quality and audit quality (Prof. dr. Hofmann)


The study is aimed at investigating two interrelated themes: (1) Understanding the relevance of internal control quality for audit quality, and (2) identifying an information channel that (may) allow auditors to more accurately and efficiently assess internal control quality.


High profile frauds throughout the last years exposed failures of internal controls over financial reporting (GAO 2002) and underline the importance of audit quality as an independent assurance of the credibility of accounting information (DeFond and Zhang 2014). While there is already a broad literature on auditor’s independence as a driver of audit quality, we know relatively little on auditor’s ability to assess fraud risk during the audit process as well as its determinants (e.g., DeFond and Zhang 2014).

Knowledge dissemination:

FAR Literature Review: Internal Control Quality and Audit Quality

FAR Practice Note: Internal Control Quality and Audit Quality: The Role of Financial Analysts

Podcast FARview #14 with Sebastian Kuhn

Summary online FAR Masterclass 18 May 2021 on Internal Control Quality and Audit Quality

Online FAR Masterclass on 18 May 2021

FAR Working Paper: Using earnings conference call discussions to assess internal control quality

FAR Working Paper 2023/08 - 19: Internal Control Deficiencies and Audit Staffing

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  • Project Number
  • Research team
    Prof. Dr. Christian Hofmann
    Dr. Jeroen van Raak
    Dr. Nina Schwaiger
    Sebastian Kuhn PhD student
  • Involved University
    Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich | LMU · Institute for Accounting and Control, University of Amsterdam
  • Timeline
    09/2019 - 07/2022