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2019E01 - What makes audit partners and their engagement teams successful? (Prof. dr. Francis)


The research objective is to understand the primary factors that make audit partners, management and their engagement teams successful in terms of the quality of their teamwork and engagement outcomes. One major goal of this research project is to answer this fundamental question: what is it about audit partners and managers that matters? For this, this project will focus on audit partner and manager personality and leadership styles, their dyadic fit, and team dynamics and climate – all in regard to audit quality.


In terms of audit practice, the contribution of this study is to provide a scientific basis for organizing and managing audit teams in order to further enhance audit team performance and quality. This analysis should help you to develop more targeted responses to managing audit team leadership composition, achieving better and consistent audit outcomes, and improving the internal dynamics of audit teams (how teams work).

Knowledge Dissemination

FAR 2022 Conference presentation

FAR 2022 Conference visual recording

FARview #25 with Lena Pieper

FAR seminar and Inaugural address Jere Francis

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  • Project Number
  • Research team
    Prof. dr. Jere Francis
    Prof. dr. Murray Barrick
    Prof. dr. Olof Bik RA
    Prof. dr. Ann Vanstraelen
    Lena Pieper PhD student
  • Involved University
    Maastricht University
  • Timeline
    03/2019 - 2020