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This Masterclass has now ended.

For the Masterclass recording, please click here.

To listen to the podcast FARview #13 with Jeroen Suijs on does the private owner-managed firm audit market serve a different purpose?, please click here.

Online FAR Masterclass on 22 January 2021, 3.30-5.00 pm CET by Jeroen Suijs (Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam) - registration is now open via this link!

What is this Masterclass about?
Does the OMB environment call for different audits and auditing standards? What institutional factors (e.g., complexity, size, capital market structure, legal environment, audit risks, etc.) in the OMB environment may call for a specific audit approach and auditing standards for OMB audits?

This study is designed to examine whether economic forces and regulations (institutions) affect audits differently depending on whether these audits are executed for Public interest entities, privately owned business or owner-managed business. The researchers want to start to ask the question whether regulation should be the same for the different types of firms. 

Registration is open until Thursday 21 January 11.00 pm CET via this link.

Please note that this Masterclass will be in English

Who should attend?
The FAR Masterclass is of interest to audit practitioners and firm management, auditing standard setters, audit supervisors, auditing students, auditing teachers and audit scientists. The masterclass is open to everyone working in the field of accountancy.

For more background information on the project 2017B01 of Jeroen Suijs, please click here.

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Online FAR Masterclass by Prof. dr. Jeroen Suijs on
  • Date:
    22 January 2021
  • Location:
    Online Event

The event has ended


About the speakers

Prof. dr. Jeroen Suijs

Prof. dr. Jeroen Suijs

Professor of Financial Accounting at Erasmus University Rotterdam