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Research questions that FAR issues are typically the result of a process where board members collect information on what the types of questions are that audit firms and audited companies face in assuring high quality audits. Furthermore, FAR has various (annual) stakeholder meetings to gauge the most important questions of practitioners, regulators, and public policy makers, which result in determining themes for research projects.

Such themes are issued once a year and communicated with accounting and audit research groups all over the world. These research groups are invited to submit a proposal (FAR’s Call for Projects). While this proposal may involve any method and multidisciplinary approach, FAR does apply criteria to assess the quality, academic rigor, and relevance of the research proposal. The criteria FAR applies include how well the proposal is supported by the existing theory, and how well this theory is tested according to the proposal. In addition, it is important that the research team is at least comprised of one or more members who have a proven scholarly background. Feasibility of the research proposal is also considered, in terms of data gathering , and the involvement of Dutch researchers, junior researchers, and PhD candidates.

This process subsequently results in the commitment to new and relevant research projects each year. All current FAR projects can be found under Research & Publications/Research Projects.