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PhD Program

2021B01 - False positives vs. hit rates: Does the framing of data analytic calibration affect auditor skepticism? (PhD project X. Li)

The overall aim of this study is to examine the effects of conveying Audit Data Analytic (ADA) calibration (explicit conveyance versus no conveyance) and the framing of such conveyance (hit rates versus false positive rates) on auditor skepticism.

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2020B07 - The institutional context in and conditions under which auditors deliver quality (PhD project T. Bosman)

The goal of this study is not to provide a literature study on the topic, but rather to help practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and regulators to identify and understand the available Audit Quality measures, information sources and potentially improve these sources.

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2020B06 - Virtual audit teamwork: Working, learning, and delivering high audit quality virtually (PhD project I. Wiertz)

​The overall aim of this proposal is to assess how virtual engagement teams can deliver high-quality audits virtually.

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2020B03 - Learning and performing in audit firms: The role of the organizational context (PhD project C. Peters)

The first study investigates how an organizational context in which auditor-artificial intelligence interactions are prevalent affects auditors’ cognitive processing and subsequently the degree of professional skepticism exercised by auditors.

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2020B02 - Management control in auditing firms and its implications for managing competing objectives (PhD project S. Tiggelaar)

​This project studies the interplay among management control mechanisms and the effect of their joint use on how professional and commercial objectives are managed in auditing firms.

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2019F01 - Firm culture, decision-making and audit quality - Corporate culture as one of the root causes of audit quality (PhD program: Maastricht University)

The proposed PhD project focuses on understanding the role that firm culture plays in fostering auditor expertise, and in turn, decision-making that lies at the root of high audit quality.

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