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FARview #16 with Iver Wiertz (podcast in Dutch)

2 July 2021

English Nederlands
FARview #16 with Iver Wiertz (podcast in Dutch)

In this FARview podcast, PhD candidate Iver Wiertz (Maastricht University) talks about his PhD research 'Virtual audit teamwork: Working, learning, and delivering high audit quality virtually'. 

According to Wiertz, the research offers added value in several areas: "First, we identify where and when virtual teamwork offers opportunities - and possibly threats - to the effectiveness of virtual audit teams. Second, we provide empirically validated insight into how to successfully exploit the strategic benefits of virtual teamwork and how to avoid risks to audit quality by studying variables that are controllable by the auditor. Finally, we will actively engage with the audit community. In doing so, we will make use of the opportunities that the FAR offers us to share our accumulated knowledge with the participating firms in a way that suits them best".

If you would like to contribute to the research, please contact Iver at:

The research team of which Iver is a member also includes: Prof. Dr. Wim Gijselaers, Dr. Therese Grohnert, Prof. Dr. Ann Vanstraelen and Prof. Dr. Roger Meuwissen RA.

More information on the FAR research project can be found via the link below.

Project 2020B06

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