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New position Olof Bik

6 September 2022

New position Olof Bik

Prof. Dr. Olof Bik RA, Scientific Board Member of the FAR Board and in that capacity also Managing Director of the FAR, has made the move from Nyenrode Business University to the University of Groningen as of September 1. There he has been appointed Professor of Audit & Assurance in the Department of Accountancy at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The FAR Board warmly congratulates Olof with this new position, in which he will continue to contribute to research and knowledge development of the auditing profession and accountancy education in the Netherlands. 

Olof has come to the conclusion that he cannot properly combine his extensive administrative duties at FAR with his new responsibilities in Groningen. At the request of the FAR Board, Olof will stay on until January 1, 2023, to ensure continuity and a good handover. The FAR Board is very grateful to Olof for the good work he has done in the establishment and expansion of the FAR since 2015 and will bid him farewell as a member of the FAR Board in an appropriate manner.

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